Art Decko

A Masterpiece in Magic
Created By Greg Gleason

Greg Gleason

"You can’t define Genius, but it stands up and shouts from Greg Gleason’s Art Decko."  -  Steve Spill

"Thumbs up for Greg Gleason’s new card effect Art Decko. Its one of the most original card effects I’ve come across in years.  Art Decko is strong, astonishing, and memorable effect ideally suited as a powerful closer. It has my highest endorsement." -  Tom Gagnon

Art Decko is now available for $99 plus shipping and taxes. All performing rights included.  Please purchase below.

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Is Magic an Art?
Are Magicians Artists?

   They are when they perform Art Decko. Greg Gleason has created the most amazing effect ever created with a deck of cards!

 No card or cards are selected or need to be remembered, in fact you don’t even to know the values or suits of cards to be absolutely amazed with this masterpiece!

   Based on speed painters that quickly paint a picture but you have no idea what it is until the canvas is revolved 180 degrees. It is a 3 phase routine that gets more amazing each phase and really pulls the audience into it. No one is ever trying to figure out how it works, they just enjoy the moment while you are actually creating art.
   The magician shows a shuffled face up deck and explains it to be a magicians tool, the deck is then spread face down where every card is seen to be a pallet of different colors, the magician then forms the deck into a paint brush and begins to paint. After the painting is complete the close up mat is revolved and the painting reveals itself.
   This amazing moment is repeated 2 more times forming a total of three different amazing pictures from three different moments in history.


  •    This routine can be done be performed by anyone who can do a simple false shuffle or false cuts, (taught on instructional video) More advanced shuffles can be added if desired.
  •  Automatically resets itself and cards are marked on faces if ever get out of order.
  •  Cards are the highest quality from US Playing Card Company. They are printed on premium stock and traditionally cut, the same as the Richard Turner cards.
  •    You can do this for a small group or for the largest theaters with video projection. This has been the finale of my one hour card show and this is what everyone talks about after the show! Be the first to present this to your audiences.


Show your audiences that you are a true artist!

Art Decko is only $99 plus shipping. Includes performance rights. 

"No matter what the cost, Greg Gleason is about to give you a gift.  Art Decko is a visual, mind-blowing effect unlike any other magic in your repertoire.

 Whether you are a close up magician or a stage illusionist working arenas, Art Decko can close your show and bring you ovations.

 Greg’s lifetime dedication to magic provides him with an ability to create miracles that will move an audience to their feet. He’s simply not interested in anything less.

 There’s a reason that the world’s largest touring show closes every performance with an encore of this type. 

 Greg did the hard work for you, now you can get the credit… and the cheers.

I want the first one!" - Mark Kalin


"Sheer Genius!  Art Decko is Revolutionary, taking Card Magic to the next level…Bravo!" - Jay Scott Berry

"Greg has created a very unusual davinci-esque beauty here.  It would make a glorious set-piece or closer to a table act." - Paul Gordon

Art Decko is now available for $99 plus shipping and taxes.  
All performing rights included.  Please purchase below.

USA Sales


International Sales

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